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Don “The Dragon” Wilson

A world-renowned kickboxing champion, Wilson brings an entirely different dynamic to the set of The Reel Deal. His athletic career spanned four decades and earned him an astounding 11 world championships and is considered the greatest kickboxing champion in the sports history. The athlete-turned-actor has acted in nearly forty titles, many of them leads and is a sought-after stuntman.  He has also produced nearly twenty films (all of them profitable), making him a dynamic mentor for his aspiring entertainment team.

Don is perhaps the best known and most successful kickboxer of his era.

Wilson began his acting career in 1982 drawing from and alongside his very successful fighting career. His influence in the world of kickboxing landed him roles that paralleled his real-life pursuits such as 1989’s Bloodfist in which Wilson portrayed a retired kickboxer. He has since reenacted similar roles during each of the 8 films in the Bloodfist franchise.

Among others, Wilson is known for roles in the 1995 film Batman Forever starring Nicole Kidman and Chris O’Donnell; and in 2006, Crooked, in which he brought to life a detective, Danny Tyler, who sought to protect a call girl from her relationship with the mob.

He has produced a number of titles, including many in the Bloodfist series and he’s also lent his particular skills as a stunt choreographer to a number of films. In 1994 he participated in writing an action movie, Lion Strike, which had the tagline, “The newest breed of evil is about to be challenged by the oldest breed of hero.”

His robust experience in several different entertainment arenas and his competitive nature will lend to the success of his team on The Reel Deal.


01Thwarted a purse-snatching while attending a martial arts tournament in Reno, NV. Along with fellow martial artists Ronnie Hair and Russ Fokes, Wilson chased down a thief who had snatched an old woman’s purse in a hotel and held him in submission until the police arrived.

02Wilson’s kickboxing record is listed as 72 wins, 5 losses, 2 draws, 48 knockout wins, and 6 kick-knockouts, and 3 no-contests.

03Don’s nickname, “The Dragon” was used in his first kickboxing match.

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