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Eric Roberts

Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts –best known for his roles as former CIA agent James Munroe in The Expendables, and Gotham City’s crime boss, Salvatore Maroni, in The Dark Night—is in the height of a highly prolific entertainment career. He’s appeared in nearly three-hundred titles to-date and has more than fifty titles in production.

Roberts was born into a family of thespians. His father, Walter Roberts, founded a theater company in which Eric began acting at the age of five. From there, Roberts underwent classical training in London for two years at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and continued his dramatic education at the American Academy in New York. Eric is the older brother of Julia Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan.

I don’t drink because I might say things I mean,but don’t mean to say.

A career that started on stage and in soap operas rapidly evolved into a high profile pursuit when he landed a major role in the film King of the Gypsies in 1978. In this film, he starred alongside an incredibly talented cast including Susan Sarandon and Shelly Winters. His performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination and solidified his place in Hollywood. He began landing role after role and in 1983 he earned his second Golden Globe nomination for his performance in Star 80. During his career he’s received no less than 9 critical award nominations alongside five wins, including a one-time nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and three Golden Globe nominations.

Often portraying villains, Roberts is known for his ability to plunge into the psyche of his characters and explore and convey their depth. In addition to acting, Roberts is the Executive Producer of a television series, Vegan 101, which is a comedic parody of the vegan lifestyle. His experience on and off screen will be invaluable to his team on The Reel Deal.


01Nominated for both an Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “Runaway Train”. In total, has 5 award wins and 9 nominations.

02He is the sixth, and only non-British, actor to play The Master, the Doctor’s greatest enemy in ”Doctor Who”. And the only actor to play a villain in both the Batman and Doctor Who franchises.

03To date he has filmed over 300 projects in over 17 countries.

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