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With musicality running through my veins, and vocal performance as my passion, along with my intense work ethic and pure love of music, I strive to be one of the true great singer/songwriters/composers. While my life’s work is in its infancy, I know I have what it takes and I'm extremely driven. As a Singer, my voice that has been described as having the "lyricism of a cello with the power of a french horn". I have been very fortunate that my vocal performances have taken me across the country for live TV, corporate and private events, galas, national anthems, and opera stages. Some recent upcoming projects/performances include starring as the Count in "The Marriage of Figaro", singing the National Anthem for a Los Angeles Angels baseball game, performing at several private events, and frequent performances with the renowned Chapman University Singers. As a Songwriter/Composer I know how a great movie with a score can take your emotions to new heights. My dream would be to have the opportunity to create music that takes you there too. I have created works in lyric and instrumental composition for a wide variety of uses including movie score, recital and general distribution. I am so excited to be a semi - finalist as a composer for "The Reel Deal" TV show that will premiere this fall. My current work on composition includes scoring for two short films and composing an accompaniment for a dance piece. My studies at Chapman University, where I’m a senior majoring in vocal performance, have helped me in numerous ways - live performances, compositions, and vocal and musical instruction from some of the most accomplished operatic, orchestral and choral professors including Dr. Peter Atherton, Dr. Stephen Coker, Dr. Louise Thomas and the world renowned opera soprano Carol Neblett. My musicality has grown tremendously under their tutelage - I’m able to sing proficiently in seven languages and have a great deal of fun covering great songs in both English and a variety of other languages, often intermixing the two. I'm a firm believer that life's experiences heavily influence you. I was honored to have been asked to sing live on national television for a tribute to the victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The response I received from that performance was a reminder of how powerful music can be. That is an experience that I will never forget. I also have pledged to give a portion of all I earn to an incredible charity, Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Giving is good and right, but what’s amazing is how much I get back - seeing the courage, strength and determination from the kids, their families and the NCCF organization. These kinds of connections embodies all my works, composition and live performances. That’s why I say, “music is like breathing, without either I would cease to exist.”


Daniel Emmet

I’m unbelievably honored and excited to have been chosen as a semi-finalist for the Reel Deal! I’m so proud to be part of such an incredible group of fellow artists and just great all around individuals! Congratulations to all who made it this far! This will definitely be an experience to remember!…

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