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Hello I am Justin Tranchita I am an actor working on the Discovery Channel tv show Game Of Pawns. I am not under any kind of contract with the network though so I am free to work where I want. I am also a touring Country Music singer. I love acting and I want to start doing film. I think your show will be great for that. I have 35,000 twitter followers and thousands of facebook friends both on my personal account and on my music and tv account. I really would love to be a part of your show and I am very comfortable in front of the camera. Check out my clips of Game Of Pawns in addition to my audition tape. I am so excited about The Reel Deal!!! This is going to be a great experience!))) Thank you))) Justin


Justin Tranchita

  This is my callback monologue. It was really a cool piece. My daughter did the filming, she will not be looking for a job as a cinematographer!!!) Enjoy     Here is my personality reel that got me through to the semi’s))) I was a little spaz!!!!Take a Look!!)))   This is my reel…

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