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Christine Barger

“Ever since that ventriloquist show as a child when I realized I could help people forget their worries, even if only for a moment, all I’ve wanted to do is change the world one smile at a time.”

Hi!!! I’m Christine Barger.

I’m an entertainer originally from northern Indiana.

I love my family & Disneyland…and I only get to see one of them every weekend (unless you count my fiancé as family, which legally he isn’t until June 7, but I see him daily and he goes with me to Disneyland on Saturdays.)

I am blessed to be able to perform as a ventriloquist and teach improv comedy as my “day job” when I’m not acting in film or TV.  I perform nationwide doing my special Ventrilo-Prov humor…short-form improv comedy with a puppet and audience participation.  My puppet partner, Billy Yonkers, describes it as, “Who’s Line is it Anyway meets Jeff Dunham with tits.

However, it’s not like I didn’t earn my wings just because I never had a job waiting tables.  When I started out I was a telemarketer for several companies to keep a flexible schedule and I even gave away free movie passes for a while.

I have my bachelors of science degree from Ball State University in theatre (weird but true). I’ve studied A LOT…from Groundlings and iO West to Beverly Hills Playhouse and Ivanna Chubbuck.  I have a degree in acting and technical design theatre.  I have official training and practical experience in acting, hair & makeup, stage management, props, costumes, continuity, and some basic set and lighting design.  I’ve also worked as an agent, casting director and even managed a theatre along the way.

I got my Taft Hartley on a singers contract working on Along Came Polly with Philip Seymour Hoffman in a scene where director John Hamburg actually had me lip sync to another singers voice.  (I remember when Philip tried to convince John to let me really sing on set.).

I really can sing though.  I’m an alto.  I was so blessed to be in the original cast of JUNK: A Rock Opera until it closed in LA.  Then it continued on to New York while I flew to Canada to spend a few months playing Margie in the film American Pie Presents: Beta House.

I have had some wonderfully bizarre experiences so far in my acting career including playing half my age on iCarly, being buried alive on Ghost Whisperer and giving a lap dance while dressed as a sheep in from of a hundred extras in Beta House.

Every project has a special place in my heart and I hope I can make more awesome memories working on The Reel Deal.

Thanks for your support and votes!!!!

Now here are some videos…

Personality Video:

Demo Reel:

Callback Comedy – Smash:

Callback Comedy – Friends:

Callback Drama – Sleeping Beauty:

And just for fun…ventriloquism:


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