4 Day Film Challenge Where
7 Teams Compete For The Honor of Being Named The Reel Deal!


Michael Proctor



Monologues are given to us and we have exactly 2 hours to memorize, prepare, shoot and uploaded to YouTube.

Semifinalist Callback Video #1: Dramedy

Mr. Brown from “Reservoir Dogs”

Semifinalist Callback Video #1: Drama

Dave needs advice and only Mr. James has the answers



What's up kids! I grew up in small town Henderson, Ky where I guess you could say my mom was responsible for passing on the god-forsaken acting bug. She was our High School drama coach and still all around home town theater pro. Thanks Mom...... I cut my acting teeth in Atlanta for several years before making the decision to head West for Hollywood. I actually made the move right before all the production started pouring into GA....soooo yeah, that was good timing. However, since moving to LA I've had booked several roles in theater, TV and film as well as help form The StraitJacket Society with some friends, LA's premier sketch comedy company. I typically would never "try-out" for a reality based TV show, but The Reel Deal was too amazing of an opportunity. The idea of combining both competition and acting....that's too much fun to pass up!

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