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Time to Say Goodbye to Traditional TV?

March 24, 2014 Los Angeles, CA – An innovative multi-platform reality television show, The Reel Deal, has secured celebrity talent, nontraditional distribution, and a ground-breaking partnership with that will allow audiences to peek into the future of the entertainment industry, and deeply engage with the content, contestants and celebrities.

Hot on the heels of the success of Netflix original series’, 21st Century Pictures Group is further innovating the way we consume binge-worthy entertainment, namely with the production of a new reality television show, The Reel Deal, which will distribute online, on demand, on mobile and through social media in an innovative interconnected multi-platform format.

The Reel Deal has done something the reality show world has not been able to do – feature acting and other entertainment industry creative talent – by drawing from indie-filmmaking roots. Celebrity mentors will lead groups of aspiring actors, directors, screenwriters, and composers in a high-stress, high-stakes, one-week competition to produce the best short film and, subsequently, launch the careers of the featured talent.

What’s more is a groundbreaking partnership with Squerb, which gives users a simple way to express opinions and explore those of others on a sort of visual axis using an innovative grading system. Utilizing their revolutionary platform, The Reel Deal will collect user-generated feedback, in context, for each facet of the process – from writing, to cinematography, to acting, to score.

“The producers of The Reel Deal have a very forward-thinking vision for how the audience can and should interact with content in a way that resonated very strongly with us. By using Squerb as the primary engagement platform, viewers will have a much greater level of input into and about the show, while at the same time giving the show’s participants a unique lens on viewer sentiment,” says Christopher Biscoe, CEO and founder of Squerb.

More than just a simple thumbs up or a traditional phone-in tally, the contextual data collected by Squerb is poised to set a new industry standard in viewer engagement. In addition to the voting platform, each contestant, celeb, and location will be given greater depths of detail and levels with which to engage.

The season one celebrities include [in alphabetical order]: Dustin Diamond, Holly Fields, Judy Norton, Eric Roberts, Tim Russ, and Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson alongside host David Chokachi.

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