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Tony Calle

“Acting is the most simple, yet the most challenging art form.”


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My name is Tony Calle.  I must say that before I am an actor, I am an artist.  Acting just happens to be my favorite art form.  I also play music, paint, write, take photos constantly, but acting has always been number one.

Acting is live.  Acting is human.  Acting is self expression through the instrument that is your body.  It takes a whole lot of work to be an actor, I can tell you that.  To me, it is the most simple, yet the most challenging art form… and also a more fun way to live life.

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Callback Week 3

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My first viral video I did two years ago, below.  I wrote, filmed, and edited it.  (of course I didn’t film myself, but I filmed the girls)  It is all about the “SH*T WAITERS SAY.” And I know, because I’ve waited tables for many years.

In addition to ACTING, I love being a director.  Here is my first official short film that I wrote, directed, and completed all in 72 hours!  It was part of a 72 hour film festival.  The premise was given to me.  The rest was up to me and my crew to fill in the blanks.  The film eventually got accepted into a couple of film festivals in Los Angeles and got some great recognition.  My writing for this film was heavily influenced by Frank Sinatra.

I’ve trained as an actor for seven years now and most of my exploration into the craft stems from Sanford Meisner.  I’ve also done a bit of on-stage improvisation and sketch comedy.  I am most proud to have worked with such actors as Seymour Cassel, James Franco, and Jim Parrack.  I have appeared on TV shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful and iCarly.

I am an actor that thrives on creating complex characters.  As an actor, I usually want to make you laugh, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a dramatic actor as well.  After all, good comedy derives from good drama.

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