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James Pendleton

THANKS FOR VOTING!   ·••Audition Video••· Thank you for taking the time to watch my “THE REEL DEAL“ audition/personality video. I am ecstatic to be in the finals, I hope you can get a taste of who I am through my posts and videos below. Stay tuned because there is so much more that I…

Michael Proctor

PERSONALITY VIDEO: CALLBACK VIDEOS:  Monologues are given to us and we have exactly 2 hours to memorize, prepare, shoot and uploaded to YouTube. Semifinalist Callback Video #1: Dramedy Mr. Brown from “Reservoir Dogs” Semifinalist Callback Video #1: Drama Dave needs advice and only Mr. James has the answers  …

Bonnie Kathleen Ryan is a Super Hero

I’m Bonnie Ryan and I’m not actually a super hero. But I am an artist trying to make honest, beautiful, poignant and smart films about subjects that matter to me like women, politics, gender dynamics…and that’s kind of like vanquishing bad guys. (if the bad guys are another sequel to Transformers) Here’s me playing a…

Celine Eckwright

Follow @celineeckwright Tweet     THE REEL DEAL HAD 27,000 SUBMISSIONS! OUT OF THESE 27,000 CAME – BASED ON THEIR PERSONALITY REELS – 154 SEMI-FINALISTS…   MY PERSONALITY REEL: The semi-finalists were given specific tasks to complete according to the category they were applying for… As far as the actors’ callbacks were concerned… they had…

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